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How to use

How to use Walmsley Premierbed Card

After completely mucking out the stable, use Walmsley Premierbed to make a firm bed and bank up the sides. One bale of Walmsley Premierbed is comparable in volume to an average bale of shavings.

When 'skipping' out, throw the 'muck' up against the wall. (A Multi-mucker fork is ideal for this task). The muck and bedding will then separate, allowing for easy removal of droppings.

To remove wet bedding, scrape away the surface of the bed to reveal the wet bedding beneath. Remove this in order to re-establish a 'dry top', which can have fresh bedding added if necessary.

To aerate and fluff-up the bedding, simply toss it about with a fork. Periodically sweep out the box by gently throwing all the bedding up against the sides and sweeping away all the small particles, such as hay, chaff, food or crushed droppings, from the bare floor. This helps to maintain a clean and fresh bed, ensuring it lasts longer and alleviates the risk of dust and dirt accumulation.

The amount of Walmsley Premierbed Card animal bedding used will depend on several factors: -

• The size of stable

• Your own preferences

• The bedding depth required

• The cleanliness of the horse

• The amount of time the stable is occupied

• The type of system you operate – deep litter, daily skipping out; complete daily muck out, weekly muck out, etc.

Remember, scrimping on the initial bed can be a false economy as a good covering will require less topping up.

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