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Lucy wilson

Walmsley PREMIERBED proudly sponsors Lucy Wilson

Hi, my name is Lucy Wilson. I live in Bramham and attended Boston Spa School.

I have two ponies, both JA's, called Dalestown Cavalier (Cav) and Knightsbridge (Baz). I also have a Grade A horse called Rimilithius (Theo).

All our horses are bedded on Walmsley Premierbed. It's great because it's so much easier to muck out than all the other beddings we have tried in the past! It's also really clean and dust free which is a lot better for the horses and people.

My guinea pig, Ella, is on it too! And it really works well.

We also use Walmsley Premierbed haylage, which is always good quality. The horses love it and delivery is always fast and reliable.

Lucy Wilson

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RESULTS for 2014:

APRIL/MAY - Had a winning streak recently!

In April Theo won 2 classes, one at Harrogate and one at Port Royal.

Winner also had a win at Harrogate and a 2nd place at Port Royal. Simon also won his class at Harrogate - Not to be outdone!

Edmonton, our 5 year old, has now been sold and will be aimed at BYEH classes as an introduction to his eventing career.

Once again looking forward to Bramham Horse Trials. Even got my photo on the homepage of the website! Famous!

MARCH - We went to Bishop Burton with Theo and Simon. Theo jumped double clear in the 1m30 and jumped amazing and Simon jumped double clear in the British Novice and came 3rd!

FEBRUARY - We went to Harrogate riding centre on Friday night after work and Winner won a class which i was really happy about, Simon also jumped fab.

JANUARY - Had a break in January due to the strangles outbreak in Yorkshire, thought it was better to be safe than sorry!

RESULTS for 2013:

DECEMBER - Qualified for the Amateur finals with Theo, coming 2nd at the qualifier at Bishop Burton.

OCTOBER - Winner has been going well; Winning (Ironically) some 1m10's and he has qualified for the Amateur finals at Aintree Equestrian Centre in November.

Rimilithius has been ticking over and has won and been placed in 1m20's and has also qualified for Aintree.

Zarcolas (AKA Simon - As pictured) has been a little star! We registered him in July and he has been placed at every show he has been to since then! He won the British Novice today at Port Royal eec which I was thrilled with! He's an amazing young horse who just takes everything in his stride and has a big future ahead of him.

JUNE - Just as we got going again, had a problem with the horsebox, thanks to VOSA!

Winner won a 1m15 at Moorhouse and qualified for Scope Festival. Chico also won the Katherine James Novice qualifier for Scope, he won his first trophy! He also jumped double clear in a Newcomers at Richmond which we were very happy with.

Theo is back in work and jumped double clear in a couple of classes when we were getting ready for Bramham Horse Trials. He jumped amazing at Bramham, clearing the joker in the accumulator which was 1m55, and he's only got little legs!! As always, the atmosphere was brilliant and the show was packed! Such a lovely show to have right on our doorstep!

FEBRUARY - Finally back out to shows! All the horses had a well earned break, and mum and dad went on holiday! The horses were brought back into work and the 4 year old re-started his education. Then the snow came. If the arena wasn't covered in snow, or a lake, it was frozen - roll on Spring. Chico jumped double clear in the Discovery at Moorhouse, and Winner lived up to his name and won at Port Royal. Edmonton (Eddie) the 4 year old by Zacharov (Clinton) is doing everything asked of him, hacking out alone and basic schooling, but I'm sure he'll do something naughty soon. Looking forward to going to JM Equestrian at Stainsby Grange.

RESULTS for 2012:

SEPTEMBER - Went to Arena UK festival and came 28th in the 1m30 on Tuesday and 14th on Thursday. Theo jumped lovely double clears both days and we went quite fast considering there were 150 in it! Zoe Came 15th out of 170 in the 1m10 on Winner at the Arena UK festival. AUGUST - Went to the Area 15a show and won the 1m30 on Theo! Zoe took Chico to Sykehouse and came 3rd in the Discover. She also came 2nd in the 1m10 on her new horse Winner III.
JULY - Came 3rd in the 1m30 at Ryedale show on Rimilithius. Unbelievable Chico Came third in the Discovery at Ryedale . We were really pleased with him as there was a lot going off around him and he jumped really good!

JUNE - Unbelievable Chico jumped double clear in the discovery at Bishop Burton and then came 2nd in the newcomers. I was really happy with him as it was his first one! He also came 3rd in the discovery at Richmond last week. Rimilithius jumped brilliantly at Bramham Horse Trials. Jumped clear in the first round of the 1m40 and had a fence down in the jump off so retired as he was getting stuck in the mud. He came 4th in the 1m30 the next day and also 4th in the accumulator clearing the joker of a set of planks which stood at 1m55!

MAY - Unbelievable Chico 5th in discovery at Port Royal. Rimilithius jumped double clears in the 1m30's at Port Royal and Richmond and came 5th in the 1m30 at Otley Show. He also got placed in the 1m30 at Area 15 show and won a trophy for being the highest placed Area 15 member.

APRIL - Unbelievable Chico won the discovery at Port Royal. Rimilithius jumped double clear in the 1m30 at Bishop Burton which was huge! MARCH - Went to the Elite show at Bishop Burton and came 4th in a very competitive 1m30 on Rimilithius and moved Chico up a level into the Discovery where he jumped double clear and came 3rd. I also went to the Star of the North Gala night which was held at Stainsby Grange and won the Open Horse class, winning £250!

FEBRUARY - Got the last of my British Novice double clears on Chico at Stainsby Grange coming 3rd and also came 3rd on Rimilithius in the 1m30

JANUARY - I competed my sisters horse (Unbelievable Chico) and started to get his British Novice double clears for this year, jumping at Bishop Burton and Ledston.

RESULTS for 2011:

OCTOBER-DECEMBER - I have just been jumping at local shows; Richmond, Northallerton, Stainsby and Port Royal. Theo has been jumping consistantly but can't wait to get the youngsters out in January! Hopefully we will have an injury free 2012! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! SEPTEMBER - Went to Stokesly show, the last agricultural show of the season and jumped double clear in the 1.30m. Unfortunately Theo then went lame due to a bruised sole so had to have a bit of time off, this meant having to withdraw from the Arena UK championship show. This was really disappointing as my five year old was also out of work with a shoulder injury. I spent this time breaking in my 3 year old. Simon has taken everything in his stride and is a very quick learner, i am looking forward to taking him out to shows in the new year.

AUGUST - Went to Hull show and jumped the 1.25m final on Theo and came 4th. I then went in the 1.40m, he jumped amazing and came 7th behind all the professionals!

JULY - Been competing a lot more this month as all of the county shows have been on. I jumped the 1.40m at Driffield agricultural show on Theo and just had 4 faults. I was so pleased with him because the weather was horrendous, raining really heavy for hours, yet there were still loads of people there and the atmosphere was good. Went to Bingley show and came 6th in the big class and Harvey Smith did the prize giving which was amazing!
We then went to Ryedale show and came 5th in the 1.30 and also 5th in the speed class (and i thought i went fast!!) Finally, quick enough at Huby & Sutton when i won the big class. Won a big trophy and also got one to keep!

JUNE - Went to Port Royal and came 4th in the 1.20m on Theo. The weekend after we went to Bramham international horse trials and jumped really good in the 1.30m, the atmosphere was still good considering it was early in the morning!
Went to Port Royal and came 4th in the 1.20m and 3rd in the 1.30 on Theo and came 3rd in the british novice on my sisters horse, Chico. I also took my 5 year old for the clear round so he gets used to going to shows again and he jumped really good too.

RESULTS for 2010:

DECEMBER - Struggled to work the horses this month because of the snow and ice. But managed to get to Bishop Burton as a warm up for Olympia. Cav came 2nd in the foxhunter and 2nd in the 1.20m. Set off for Olympia bright and early (3am!) and exercised Cav alongside the international riders before my class. He was really well behaved, think he was showing off! The atmosphere was electric and the course was really big and technical. Cav jumped amazing and came 4th! It was my last show on him so it was a lovely way to end 2010! Happy New Year!

OCTOBER - Had a great month. I went to addington Manor in Buckinghamshire as a warm up for Horse of the Year show and came 5th in a 1.25m open. We then went to Horse of the Year show and came 7th in the pony foxhunter final! Theo jumped good at Port Royal, Winning the warm up and coming 4th in the amateur qualifier. Qualifying me for the final at Aintree at the end of November.
We then went to the English home pony international, held at South View, Cheshire. My last ever home pony! Cav jumped brilliantly over the 4 days, but saved the best until last coming 8th in the big 148cm grand prix! It was a 3 round competition and the fences stood at 1.50m in the last round! With mainly Irish riders in front of me in the line up, this qualified us for Olympia in December!

SEPTEMBER - At the beginning of the month I won a 1.20m on Theo, a good note to finish on before he had a break. Apart from that I haven't been out much. We have been trying to get my sister, Zoe, out to shows with her 4 year old horse. He is improving so much! We have also got two new horses! A two year old called Simon and a four year old called Frankie. They're amazing!

AUGUST - At the beginning of the month I went to Port Royal with Knightbridge (Baz) and Rimilithius (Theo). Baz won the Pony 1.10m and Theo came 4th in the warm up class and 6th in the Horse of the Year show amateur qualifier, out of 95 starters!
The following weekend I took Theo to Hull show and came 6th in the 1.30m, this was a good result because with £500 first prize, all of the professionals turned up.
Next came Equifest, held at Peterborough show ground, Theo came 3rd in the 1.30m qualifier and the ponies jumped really well, Dalestown Cavalier (Cav) came 4th in the 1.15m and 5th in the grand prix. Baz came 2nd in the 1.15m. Theo then went to the Scope festival of Show jumping, held at Staffordshire show ground, where he came 4th in a Young riders class.

JULY - Cav won the Foxhunter Horse of the Year Show qualifier at Port Royal, Holme on Spalding Moor and I got my picture in Horse and Hound again! Theo came 3rd in a 1.30 Open at Bishop Wilton show the following weekend and I had a day off school and went to Driffield Agricultural Show on the Wednesday and won the Pony Open on Baz (another trophy)! Cav came 5th in the Final at Hickstead, he jumped amazingly in the massive International Arena. Theo came 4th in a 1.25m at Huby & Sutton show. A busy month!

JUNE - I qualified Cav for Horse of the Year Show at Weston Lawns, Warwickshire for the Pony Foxhunter Final. I came 1st in a 1.20 Open at Area 15 show held at Allerton Park on Theo and also got 1st on Baz in the Pony 1.15m Open, winning a trophy! The following weekend Theo came 2nd in the 1.30m Open at the North Yorkshire County Show.

MAY - I went to the European Trials at Wales West show ground and came 7th in the Young Riders Small Tour Grand Prix.

APRIL - I had a good week at The Pony of the Year show at Easter, gaining places on two ponies I was riding for an owner, Oakenshaws Apollo and Dexter, and Cav was brilliant coming 2nd in the Talent Spotters Grand Prix and 3rd in the Speed Grand Prix.

FEBRUARY - I won the JC second round on Cav at Ingliston Equestrian Centre, Scotland, qualifying me for the Final at The Royal International Horse Show, Hickstead.

Watch this space for Lucy's future results.


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