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Premierbed Eggbox

Egg Box Bedding Supplies – Yorkshire, Lancashire

Walmsley Premierbed Egg Box

This popular addition to the Walmsley range of animal beddings is our Premierbed Egg Box bedding. As the name suggests this popular bedding material is made from clean uncontaminated egg boxes and egg trays which have been shredded and dust extracted.

Premierbed Egg Box is supplied in 22 Kg (Approx.) plastic wrapped weatherproof bales just like our Premierbed Card.

Like our Premierbed Card and Paper bedding materials this product can be used for many and varied breeds of animal.

 The customer feedback for our Egg Box bedding has been excellent due to it's high absorbency level and great insulating quality. Perfect for keeping your animals dry and warm during the cold winter months.

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 Watch out for more Premierbed products coming soon.

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