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Wikefield Stud Ltd

As the manager of a large livery yard and owner of valuable dressage horses, I have tested the shredded cardboard bedding. Over the years I have tried all the commercially available beddings and in my opinion the cardboard bedding is excellent for absorbency and cleanliness. There is no dust or fungal spores and the waste will biodegrade more readily than wood shavings. It is now my intention to continue to use the cardboard bedding and would recommend it to my livery owners and other yards. Barbara Harrison

Wikefield Stud Ltd

Wikefield Equestrian Centre

Harrogate Road, Leeds

National Coal Mining Museum for England

The National Coal Mining Museum for England uses Walmsley Premierbed for its two retired pit ponies, two rescued ponies and Shire horse. We have found the bedding to be very absorbent, dust-free and keeps odour to a minimum, providing a warm, dry bed for our equines. An added bonus for us is that the bedding is environmentally friendly and biodegrades quickly.
Wendy Priest, Horsekeeper

National Coal Mining Museum for England

Caphouse Colliery, Overton, Wakefield

Ollie Pears Racing

The cardboard bedding is brilliant. It absorbs great, so is easier to muck out and takes less time, therefore, more labour effective and it is absolutely dust free, which is essential when working with thoroughbreds.
Thank you,
Ollie Pears, Racehorse Trainer

Ollie Pears Racing
Norton, Malton

Sue Davies

This is the very best bedding I have found for my guinea pigs. It keeps them dry, clean and comfortable. It is especially useful for any asthmatic guinea pigs as it is dust-free. This trait is also very advantageous when spreading the bedding in the cages, or cleaning out. Walmsley Premierbed is especially easy to use for guinea pigs kept as house pets as it is dust-free and very easy to change. Storage is easy as the bales are carefully packaged and yet the packs are simple to open and use. Having used Walmsley Premierbed, I have to say that nothing else would be good enough for my animals.

Sue Davies, Keeper to house guinea pigs

Ledston Equine Clinic

I have used cardboard bedding in my equine veterinary practices for 6-7 years, and have been extremely pleased with it. It has many characteristics of the ideal bedding material, light, easy to handle, easy to muck out, highly absorbent, highly unpalatable, clean and virtually dust free. It does not migrate into bandages or stick to wounds or wet skin like shavings, and seems to make a warm comfortable non-slip surface for the horses. It is also easy to dispose of as it rots quickly, can be mixed with slurry to form a slow release fertilizer, and could also potentially be burnt to produce heat and/or power. We have found very few problems with it, having used it on a wide variety of horses and ponies of all discipline. Research at the Animal Health Trust proved its superiority over any other material for low dust levels, and they also found it to have mould inhibitory properties, which is very important in equine allergic respiratory disease. I would strongly advise my clients to use this bedding material, especially for horses with respiratory disease. Until now it has been difficult to persuade people to change due to the difficulty in obtaining a regular supply in this area. Both our equine veterinary practice and our livery yard - some 30 loose boxes in total - are currently bedded on cardboard, and I do not have any intention to change this in the foreseeable future. I would happily endorse the product that you demonstrated to me at our meeting.
Nigel Haizelden
B.Sc, B.Vet.Med, MRCVS

Ledston Equine Clinic Ledston, Castleford, West Yorkshire

Dee Johnson

I have finished my first pallet of Walmsley Premierbed and I am delighted with it! It is light and easy to handle and creates very little dust. This is the main reason I chose it, as one of my horses tends to cough on dustier bedding, like the hemp based products.

Last year I tried using deep littered hemp bedding on top of thick spongy rubber mats, and I also tried it with just a minimal amount of hemp bedding. But I knew I had to change, as the stables constantly stank of ammonia, there were puddles/lakes of non-absorbed urine under all the mats and I had a coughing horse to contend with. This winter I decided to change my stable management. I got rid of the mats, as the urine was getting trapped under them, no matter how much hemp bedding I used. The mats would float around all over the stable, as they were not very heavy and there was always loads of hemp bedding turned bright red under the mats from the ammonia I guess.

I had already tried straw too (made horse cough), I decided not to use wood based products as a) they are expensive at the moment, b) they can be really slow to rot down and I have only room for a small dung heap, c) they can be dusty, especially the wood pellet types. I discovered cardboard bedding, liked the price, liked the fact that racehorse yards and veterinary practices use it. I liked the science about it producing fewer airborne dust particles.

I shopped around and Walmsley gave me the best price. Most of all I like the way cardboard bedding behaves. I used 5-6 bales to start the bed. When the horses are in day and night, I skip out in the morning and evening, and every 3rd or 4th day I dig out the wet, which is very easy to spot as it clumps together and is darker than the dry bedding. It is the nearest thing to cat litter that I have ever used for horses! For every barrow load of wet I take out, I replace it with a bale of Walmsley Premierbed (so far 2 bales every 4 days when horses in 23/7). I reckon I may be able to reduce the number of bales I use by taking the wet out every day rather than every 3-4 days. I can honestly say there is no smell (except a cardboard smell) until I dig the wet out and then it is minimal compared to last year with the mats. And as soon as the bed is re-made the smell has all gone. I reckon I could even muck out in my office clothes – no more lingering horse wee odours! No more whingeing from my non-horsey husband! No more coughing horses! Needless to say my second pallet is ordered and on its way.

Dee Johnson

World Horse Welfare

The International League for the Protection of Horses recommends cardboard based bedding for all animals prone to allergies or COPD.

World Horse Welfare
Snetterton, Norfolk

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

The Journal of Equine Veterinary Science recommends cardboard based bedding for the prevention and treatment of horses with COPD or susceptible to it.

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

Equine Guelph

The Equine Research Centre, Canada, recommends using mats instead of deep littering for horses to prevent lung infections and for general health. They recommend paper based beddings on the results of their scientific tests.

Equine Guelph

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